The Most Fuel Flexible And Efficient
MICRO-TURBINE in the World, to the circular economy applications

RMV TECH´s offer is based on the micro-turbine technology. We can produce equipment for many different application segments. These applications include e.g. landfills, bio gas plants, waste treatment plants, industry power generation and agricultural sector.

RMV Tech the most powerful microturbine in the world

Environmentally friendly

 and almost

pollution free

Electric & heat power

from landfill gas, bio gas and natural gas

Fuel flexibility & modular structure with easy maintenance

Helping you find the right solution



RMV TECH turbine is designed to create electric and heat power from natural gas, bio gas and  wood gas. Gas turbine is clearly more environmentally friendly solution for burning different gas. RMV TECH turbine utilize state of art technology which gives turbine nearly pollution free emissions.



The RMV´s key innovations are its fuel flexibility and modular structure. RMV TECH turbine includes state of art grid connection automation (turbine is plug & play type of). RMV TECH has know-how to design micro turbines for various applications. Turbine maintenance is easy and fast because of changeable Modular Power Unit (MPU). MPU service is done in turbine factory and therefore service time in site (change over time) is only few minutes. Turbines can be plugged in parallel to gain more power, in this case maintenance can be done without cutting power plant whole energy production (only one turbine is maintenanced at time).



The fundamental difference is that RMV Turbine has been designed to work with wide range of fuels and is easily maintenanced. RMV TECH has designed 32kW turbine for bio gas use (testing program is ongoing). Turbine net electric efficiency is very high ~32%.