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Regulatory compliance – cheaper energy – no investments


We offer our solution to landfill customers as a service.
There is no upfront investment – the power plant is delivered to the customer site with no cost. Cost of the service is based on generated energy (electricity and optionally heat).
The service contract includes on-site technical support and maintenance delivered by our local partner.
The power plant remains RMV Tech property during and after the contract period.

Requirements for the service offering
Landfill site subject to the service contract must be able to provide constant and sufficient source of landfill gas with parameters suitable for RMV Tech solution. Sizing of the powerplant will be done based on gas analysis.
Landfill must provide gas and electricity (and optionally heat) connections to the power plant.

Landfill must have required permissions for electricity production.
Landfill must have secure and solid physical location with on-site monitoring capability.


Fullfill regulations with LFG management and energy usage

Run your waste management
operations with cheaper energy

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